人物专访 | 上海锦江汤臣洲际大酒店总经理 Mr. Rudolf Gimmi




? 【酒店报导.CN】:请问在所有生活和工作过的城市里面,您最喜欢哪两个城市?

Among all the cities either you worked or lived in, which the best 2 favorite cities you will name?

? Mr. Rudolf Gimmi:我觉得是深圳和上海。深圳市在疫情中政府的反应很迅速以及高效,他们做到了承诺的事情。政府说整个城市将会封锁四天,四天后城市就恢复了生机。

I’d have to say Shenzhen and Shanghai. During the pandemic in Shenzhen, the advantage of the city was that any decision regarding the pandemic was taken immediately. Authorities were very effective and did what they promised. They said the city is going to be closed for 4 days and it did, the city was mostly able to re-start after that.



Shanghai on the other hand, gives us all the facilitated access we could ask for business. The hotel had a lot of support during the pandemic. When I arrived in the city, I got a very positive vibe that everything was possible, mostly convenient and easy.


? 【酒店报导.CN】:在职业生涯期间,所面临过的最富挑战性的工作是什么?

During your career development, what’s the most challenge job/project you have ever faced?

? Mr. Rudolf Gimmi:对我们来说,找到合适的人才是一个巨大的挑战,也可能是所有酒店和餐厅面临的挑战。由于疫情的影响,业务发生了变化。在疫情前,我们大约有50%到60%的国际业务,后来由于旅行限制,我们几乎完全面向国内客户,占比达到了近98%。现在我们的国际客户比例又恢复到了大约15%到20%。对我们来说,现在很具挑战性的是招聘到合适的人才来适应这种变化。

Finding the right talent was a big challenge for us and probably for all the hotels and restaurants. The business has changed because of the pandemic. Before Covid we had about 50 to 60 percent of international business, later we had almost 98 percent domestic clientele because of the travel restrictions. Now we have about 15 to 20 percent of customers being international again. Now it’s quite challenging for us to recruit the right talent to adjust to the change, since most hospitality businesses are facing the same challenge and are recruiting for same or similar positions and talents.



Also, price optimization and finding the right price point for both our domestic and international clientele has been quite tricky. With the right talent, they can help us to get back to the service levels but also price/value ratio that our guests expect, especially if we’re trying to gradually recover the rates to similar levels as 2019.



Personally, I have been in the industry for a long time. China is the 7th country I have worked in. The biggest challenge for myself was coming to China and not knowing anything about the language. I have a wonderful teacher back in Shenzhen, she has been supporting me locally first and then remotely ever since then.


? 【酒店报导.CN】:2023年度贵酒店有哪些对应的市场策略?
Can you share with us the marketing strategies the hotel will implement for the rest of the year?

? Mr. Rudolf Gimmi:在接下来的几个月里,我们希望能够充分利用回归的国际市场,同时优化酒店的服务。在沉默了3年后,我们希望通过更多渠道向更多人重新介绍我们的酒店。

For the next few months to come, we want to ideally take advantage of that returning international market, while optimizing the service levels and awareness in the market. It’s time to reintroduce our hotel to more people through more channels after having been fairly silent during the pandemic period for the past 3 years.


We have a new artist working with our Marketing Director and team to help us change the image and raise the awareness in the market. Despite the fact of being the first InterContinental hotel in all of greater China and having a 27-year-old hotel, we also need to optimize our software, the service offerings and product selection to stay in line or even ahead of the competition.




? 【酒店报导.CN】:在您看来,上海锦江汤臣洲际大酒店的优势和特色是什么?
In your opinion, what’s the advantage and specialties of InterContinental Shanghai Pudong?

? Mr. Rudolf Gimmi:我们最大的优势是入住率和平均房价的平衡,可以为业主和酒店带来最佳的财务表现。此外,酒店的硬件设施也是我们的特色之一,比如位于第3层和第23层之间的室内中庭。人们也喜欢乘坐电梯并拍照留念。

Our biggest strength is the balance between occupancy and average rage, which can get the best performance financially for the owners as well as for the hotel. And also the hardware of the hotel, such as the inside atrium between the 3rd and the 23rd floor. It is one of our unique selling points. People also love being in the bullet elevator and taking photos.



The InterContinental Club Lounge on 24F is my favorite spot. Because of the view and how bright it is. It is quite welcoming and warm.


? 【酒店报导.CN】:您愿意与读者分享一下你的个人爱好和兴趣吗?

Would you like to share your personal hobbies and interests with the readers?

? Mr. Rudolf Gimmi:我倾向于注重工作与生活的平衡。每当我有空的时候,我喜欢品尝美食,同时在上海散步。上海是一个迷人的城市,有许多有趣的地方,这座城市充满了国际化的魅力。我来到这里已经有几个月的时间,接下来会恢复以往我热衷的那些运动。

I tend to have a focus on work life balance. Whenever I’m free, I’d like to enjoy good food and drinks, while taking a walk in Shanghai. Shanghai is a fascinating city, it has many interesting places and a very international charm. Now that I’ve been in Shanghai for a few months, I’ll also focus on starting sports again like I used to in my previous posts.




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