人物专访 | 上海浦东丽晶酒店总经理 Michael Gnaegi


近日,CHINA HOTEL REPORT【酒店报导.CN】有幸对上海浦东丽晶酒店总经理 Mr. Michael Gnaegi,进行了一次特别专访,双方进行了轻松愉悦的交流和访谈。


今年1月,Michael Gnaegi被任命为上海浦东丽晶酒店总经理,拥有30多年国际酒店管理经验及深厚的餐饮背景,他毫不吝啬的和我们分享管理理念——对细节敏锐的洞察力。每天,他都会在酒店各区域检查和招待客人,他坦言,“细节是成败的关键,也是一间酒店好与坏的分水岭。

Michael Gnaegi was appointed General Manager of Regent Shanghai Pudong in January 2024. With more than 30 years of experience in international hotel management and a strong background in F&B, he does not mince words in sharing with us his management philosophy – a keen eye for detail. Every day, he checks and greets guests in all areas of the hotel, and he admits, “attention to details is the key to success and separates the good from the grand. ”


【China Hotel Report】:


You have worked in the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and have lived in mainland China for nearly 20 years. Why did you choose to work at Regent Shanghai Pudong?


Mr. Michael Gnaegi:

我曾在中国的华北、华南工作过,还在江苏省工作过几年,在过去的 20 年里,我曾多次来到上海。去年11月,洲际酒店集团联系我时,我立即对来到这座充满活力的国际大都市感到振奋欣喜。带领一家拥有强大品牌的奢华酒店达到新的高度——让一个传奇重新焕发生机,这是酒店经营者的梦想。

I’ve worked in the North, the South of China and for a few years in Jiangsu province, I have travelled many times to Shanghai over the past 20 years. When IHG Group called me last November, I was immediately excited to move to this cosmopolitan and vibrant city. Leading a luxury hotel with a strong brand to new heights – to give re-birth to a legend is an hotelier’s dream.



【China Hotel Report】:


As a luxury hotel brand of IHG Group, Regent is a fusion of modern avant-garde elements and oriental culture, how does Regent Shanghai Pudong reflect this?


Mr. Michael Gnaegi:



我们的服务文化源于品牌在亚洲主要城市的根基——从香港到台北,不胜枚举。多年来,丽晶从亚洲发展到全球,并一直被视为最早、最优秀的亚洲奢侈品牌之一。它由行业传奇人物Robert H Burns,Georg Rafael和Adrian Zecha创立,在当时树立了众多行业标准。如果回顾80年代的香港丽晶酒店,那家曾经被万众瞩目并公认为世界顶级酒店之一的传奇之地,已于2023年11月以焕然一新的姿态重新启幕。可以说,它再次以卓越的品质和独特魅力,赢得了全球赞誉。对于丽晶而言,卓越的品质与深厚的文化底蕴,早已深深烙印在我们的基因与传统之中。


When you look around the hotel, you find design elements which are quite modernist. And certainly avant-garde in it’s time, our Chinese restaurant Shàng-Xí, for example has some very nice elements of the old Shanghai “1920’s”, Each Private room is named for a precious gemstone that inspires its sumptuous décor – Pearl, Amber, Purple Jade, Agate and Jade.

Our service culture stems from the brand’s roots in major Asian cities – from Hong Kong to Taipei, to name but a few. Over the years, Regent has grown from Asia to the world, and is consistently recognized as one of the first and finest Asian luxury brands. Founded by industry legends Robert H Burns, Georg Rafael and Adrian Zecha, it set numerous industry standards at the time. If we look back to the Regent Hong Kong in the 1980s, the legendary place that was once in the limelight and recognized as one of the world’s top hotels, has reopened in November 2023 with a new look and feel. It can be said that it has once again won global acclaim for its exceptional quality and unique charm. For Regent, excellence and cultural heritage are deeply embedded in our genes and traditions.



【China Hotel Report】:


With the infinity pool and spa being a highlight of the hotel, what are some of the exciting spa experiences to look forward to in order to attract more travelers?


Mr. Michael Gnaegi:

私密的FLARE水疗中心是一个非常特别的城中度假空间,在这里,人们可以焕然一新,重新焕发活力,尽情享受几个小时的呵护和对美的关注。FLARE 水疗中心位于上海浦东丽晶酒店最高层41楼,俯瞰陆家嘴迷人的城市景观,并与著名的西班牙品牌悦碧施合作,推出面部护理、按摩、身体护理和美甲服务。

两间豪华VIP水疗套房,内设蒸汽浴、桑拿、雨淋花洒和双人漩涡池。水疗区(女更衣室)设有草本蒸汽房,适合敏感性皮肤。蒸汽房的温度为 42-45 摄氏度,由墙壁、长凳和地板的辐射热产生。这样可以持续缓慢地温暖身体。草药蒸汽炉的工作原理是通过三种不同的草药香味,结合芳香促进剂和照明,注入蒸汽。根据所选草药香味的不同,可以产生消炎、刺激、镇静和提神等效果。


The intimate FLARE Spa is a very special urban getaway where one can renew and regenerate, and indulge in a few hours of pampering and attention to beauty. Overseeing the glamorous cityscape of Lujiazui, FLARE Spa located on the highest floor of Regent Hotel Pudong, Shanghai on level 41, and partnered with prestigious Spanish brand Natura Bissie to offer signature Natura Bissie treatment as part of a carefully created menu of facials, massages, body treatments and nail service. Treatment rooms include two luxurious VIP spa suites with steam, sauna, rain shower and whirlpool for two.


Her Spa Zone (female locker room) offers, an Herbal Steam Room for more sensitive skin. The steam room operates at a temperature of 42 – 45 degree C created by radiant heat from the wall, benches and floor. This warms the body slowly and continuously. The herbal steam oven works by injecting steam shots with a combination of aroma boosters and illumination using three different herbal scents. According to the chosen herbal fragrances, the effect can be for instance anti-inflammatory, stimulating, as well as calming and refreshing.



【China Hotel Report】:


What further plans are in store for the hotel in the future?


Michael Gnaegi:



Everybody says there is many new hotels opening, and that’s true. Not every brand has 50 years of history. With 187 rooms, we are what one would call a boutique hotel, where we can be a lot more driven towards individualism, to listen to what client need and to deliver what the client wants. I have a very simple goal for that journey from good to grand, to make Regent the epitome of luxury in Pudong and to be recognized as the place to be in Pudong; in hospitality.


【China Hotel Report】:


You have been in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years; can you share your hospitality management philosophy?


Michael Gnaegi:







I have a very simple approach to hospitality. Reports and numbers are important, however we must focus on guests and be client centric. To deliver what the client wants and needs.


In a luxury hotel we need to strike a balance between the two and have everything done in a way so that brand value grows.


Attention to details is the key for success and separates the good from the grand. Get up early, walk the property and a keen eye for details. Leaving no detail untouched is very important to me and the process of taking the team from good to great: it’s not something that can be done in a few weeks or months, it’s an ongoing never ending process.





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